1. The lyrics of your song must be based on the stories and/or moral values and/or your personal understanding of the book entitled Splitting the Arrow. The lyrics must be original and written in the English language and saved in pdf format.
  2. In addition to lyrics, the song will be judged based on the combined creativity of the song composition; comprising of the melody, the vocals and the ensemble of musical instruments in the song.
  3. In composing and performing, you may use any number of musical instruments The use of traditional musical instruments such as the kompang, rebana, tabla, er hu, kompang, kanjira etc. is encouraged.
  4. The song composed must be appropriate so that it can be presented in 3 – 6 minutes. Timing begins when the music starts or at the first vocal utterance without the musical accompaniment.
  5. The lyrics and the melody must be original. Participants who submit plagiarised lyrics and/or melody will be disqualified. Any entry found to consist sensitive issues such as religion, race, politics or culture will also be disqualified.
  6. When you have composed the song, record the presentation of the song. A one-shot video recording must be done. An example of a one-shot video is available here. The duration of the song presented must be 3 – 6 minutes. Please ensure that the video recording is clear and saved in mp4 format.
  7. Once your lyrics and video are ready, online submission can be done. Entries sent via email will not be accepted. Submission of lyrics and video can be done beginning 16th – 30th August 2019. Submission can be done ONCE only.
  8. When you submit the lyrics and video, please submit the signed ‘consent and release form’. This will allow us to upload the video on to a youtube channel for viewing and voting purposes.
  9. The files for lyrics and the video must be labelled as follows:

name of team_university_state.mp4
name of team_university_state.pdf
For example:
the fantastic_usm_penang.mp4
the fantastic_usm_penang.pdf

Please use a different name of team if you have more than one entry.