1. The lyrics and video recording sent to the organisers will be screened by a panel of judges. Videos of qualifying entries will then be uploaded on youtube by the organising team for public viewing and voting.
  2. The selection of videos to be uploded on youtube is as follows:

lyrics are based on human values such as kindness

no sensitive issues are raised

creativity is exercised in composing songs

  1. Entries will also be screened by a panel of experienced judges to select the final entries for the Music Festival, seeds of kindness. The selected groups will perform to a live audience on a date and venue that will be informed later.
  2. The judging criteria to select the finalists is as follows:

Online voting               :  50%
Panel of judges           :  50%

  1. The judging criteria by the panel of judges is as follows:

Lyrics: content of the lyrics, originality and integrity  of the piece as a whole. The style of the music and lyrics should match.
Song composition: Melody (originality and melodic themes and imagination of musical ideas), degree of difficulty of the composition, phrasing, harmony with variety of chords and cadences.
Vocals: diction, pitching and harmonisation throughout  the song, attacks and releases, expression, clarity of the singing.
Band presentation of the song: musical style, choice of intruments (tone color), blending of the instruments well played, good sound quality and accuracy in time  (tempo) and notes.
Creativity and style: costume, overall impression, team dynamics and impact and stage presence (showmanship).

** the Composition commitee reserves the rights to modify the composition rules and judging criteria at any time at its sole discretion.                                                                     

  1. A total of ten groups will be selected for the final event. The organisers of Music Festival, seeds of kindness will directly notify participants. Finalists will be informed via email and/or phone.